Wednesday, November 11, 2009

:: Cemana nak deal ngan childish adults? ::

situasi 1 : ada 3 beradik..bila ada news dr kampung, mak ayah lebih suke utk cerita/update kepada anak kedua dulu..bukan nk belakangkan anak pertama,tapi anak pertama agak bz ngan anak2nya..tepon pun jarang angkat..then,anak pertama ni jugak agak 'hangin'. anak ke 2 ni lebih cool..lebih rasional..dan jugak pendapat2nye agak,yang si anak pertama ni hangin kalo dapat tau yg adiknye lebih awal tau apa2 berita dari kampung..die akan merajuk..marah2..bengang2..dan tak pasal2 adik keduanya akan jadi mangsa keadaan....

situasi 2 : kat opis,bila ada masalah dlm team,berlakulah sindir menyindir, kata mengata, umpat mengumpat..bukannye nak ckp terus terang..ape la salahnye kalau ckp terus terangkan?bgtau apa masalah..then,bole setel dengan cara yang lebih 'dewasa'..yes,bukan semua org perfect,hokey...sometimes bila ade buat silap, yg diumpat dan dikeji tu mcm kera sumbang..seolah2 hilang kwn,mkn pun sorg2..hilang dah keseronokan utk bekerja..end up..berlaku lah 'looking for the better place and environment...'

korg mesti penah berdepan dengan masalah2 seperti yang aku bagi kat atas ni kan? aku tak point kat sape2, tapi seriously aku penah deal dengan mende2 mcm ni. kadang tu mende ala,remeh la sesangat..tapinye kalau dah nama pun 'childish' kan..mmg kebudak2 budakan la even dah jadi bini org,or even dah ade anak 5 sekali pun..xpe, aku cool je..(eceh!) yelah..pada aku,aku tak rugi apa2 pun..lantaklah kan..

hokey..bila aku google, aku jumpe ini..dan kalo korg nak baca dengan lebih detail..pergi ke sini
kat sini aku list kan a few steps how to deal ngan mereka2 yang childish ni..

Throwing Temper Tantrums
Like two-year-olds, people who throw temper tantrums believe they are entitled to get their own way. They therefore feel free to abuse anyone who thwarts their desires. Unfortunately, this group often includes immature high-level executives who believe that having power gives them the right to treat others any way they like.

The Proper Response
The best response to a tantrum is no response at all. Stay quiet and calm until the tantrum thrower calms down enough to have a civilized conversation. If it goes on too long, politely excuse yourself and leave. Never show fear, anger, or any other emotional response, since that will be very rewarding to the tantrum thrower. When someone acts this childish, you must be the adult. --->> yes,aku penah deal ngan org mcm ni..sememangnye aku blah!

Craving Attention
Some people are attention junkies who want all eyes and ears focused on them. This behavior is actually rather pathetic, since it usually reflects a deep-seated lack of self-worth and self-confidence. But although it may be pathetic, it can be very annoying.

The Proper Response
The worst thing you can do is give an attention junkie more attention, since that just rewards their self-centered behavior. So when they begin to go on and on about their problems or accomplishments, you need to change the subject. Or politely excuse yourself. If you get hooked into these conversations, you may never escape. But don’t expect the person to become less self-absorbed. Attention junkies seldom change. -->> penat nk layan org cenggini tau..adeehhh..

Sibling Rivalries
When unhealthy competition develops between coworkers, everybody suffers. Some people always have to prove that they are better, smarter, or more successful than others. Of course, anyone with a minimum of psychological insight will immediately conclude that these braggarts actually feel very inadequate.

The Proper Response
Never get trapped in a “my dog is bigger than your dog” conversation with a braggart. They will always find a way to top your best story, even if they have to stretch the truth. If it’s just harmless bragging, say “that’s nice” in a sincere manner and change the subject. But if you believe that the rival might actually take devious actions to get ahead of you, then watch your back. -->> hmm..yg jenis ni,aku tak layan..lantak ko la long as ko tak nyusah kan akuu...

Crybaby colleagues may not actually cry. But they are always whining or complaining about something. Nothing is ever quite right and they are never completely happy about anything. If you say that it’s a nice day, they’ll reply that it’s probably going to rain tomorrow. Crybabies invented the half-empty glass.

The Proper Response
You don’t want to reward crybaby behavior. So don’t join in with the complaining or start whining yourself. If you do, you’ll soon become the crybaby’s complaint buddy. Just change the subject and try to shift the focus from past problems to future goals. If the behavior persists, you may simply want to avoid these people.

Forming Cliques
In some work groups, a little group will decide that they are the “insiders” and refuse to admit anyone else to their exalted circle. They may eat lunch together or play golf together or talk exclusively to one another. But the point is that they’re special. They probably did the same thing when they were in middle school.

The Proper Response
These people are silly and childish, so find a more mature and rewarding group to interact with. Be friendly to clique members when you have to work with them and just ignore them the rest of the time.
Childish adults are annoying, but don’t get upset about them. Just be glad that you are a mature person yourself.

-->> yang ni mmg la lawak gila..mcm budak skolah!huh!

apa2 pun..kita kene tgk diri memasing..kalo mereka2 ni bertindak jadi 'childish' disebabkan kita, try to look into yourself..kalau ada yg tak betul, perbetulkan la kan?mmg,kita bukan perfect..tapi,pleaseee la wey..byk lagi cara lain yg kita boleh buat,selain dari bersikap 'childish' nihh..aduhhhh...

* peringatan utk diri sendiri dan jugak utk kawan2.. :)

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